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Vatican Guided Tours, Guided Tours of the vatican museum - no line- Papal Audience , Walking Tours escorted by english-speaking licensed guides, official Sightseeing Tour of the vatican vatican guided tours Home - Vatican Guided Tours art painting 285919 640

Vatican Guided Tours, Guided Tours of the vatican museum – no line- Papal Audience , Walking Tours escorted by english-speaking licensed guides, official Sightseeing Tour of the vatican

Vatican Guided Tours, Guided Tours of the Vatican museum, no line – Papal Audience , Walking Tours escorted by English-speaking licensed guides, official Sightseeing Tour of the Vatican city, tour of the Vatican Museum, tour in Vatican city and Sistine chapel, tour for group tours and private tours with privileged entrance, Vatican Museums, papal audience, catacombs, Vatican grottoes, Sistine chapel, Vatican gardens, holy see.

We are an official licensed tour operator, authorized by the Vatican, to have privilege entrances avoiding tedious long lines

(Vatican Guided Tours which can last up to three hours in season period).
In the last 20 years, we have carefully created and improved our services in order to provide you with the best possible offer that represents the real spirit of the Vatican, and also give to you an unforgettable experience of one of the most fascinating and the most visited places in the World… The Vatican State!
The agency can organise Vatican Guided Tours, for both, business and leisure travellers. We are specialized in customized travel for groups, individuals, families, couples.

A special care about school groups and Incentives.

We can arrange special tours of the Sistine Chapel. Private tours of the Vatican museums personalized exclusive service, after opening time. Tours of St. Peter’s Basilica and its treasures. Tours of the Vatican Garden.
Vatican Guided Tours – Our graduated official tours guides are professional with a long experience and a strong passion for their job, able to entertain and make each visit unique and unforgettable, suitable for school groups or visitors who want to discover the wonders of the Vatican Museums in the most comfortable way.

Vatican Museum Group Tours

Vatican Museum Private Tours

You will journey through the history and the secret enveloping the Catholic Church and hear the stories of rivalries of the...
The passes for the Papal Audience will be included in the tour for all the participants with no extra charge!
Wander the gardens of the Vatican City, witnessing the beauty and splendour of the delightful fountains and...
The Wednesday Vatican tour also includes privileged entrance without waiting in line, enriched by the Audience with

Vatican City Exclusive Tours

The Vatican Grottoes is the level below the floor of St. Peter’s where many Popes and a few royals are buried. Below the Grottoes is the ancient Necropolis (seen on the Scavi tour), which is the Roman “city of the dead” and excavations of St. Peter’s tomb.
Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica – Join our full day Vatican experience starting on St. Peter’s Square with Papal Audience, through the legendary Vatican Museums and the mysterious Sistine Chapel and finish at St. Peter’s Basilica.

Enjoy the highlights of the Vatican Museum with our early morning VIP tour before the official opening hour, avoiding the crowds. Our tour will depart 8:30 am visiting the works of the most famous Italian artists, collected by the Popes throughout the centuries. The tour includes a visit in The Art Gallery, The Octagonal Courtyard, continuing through the Tapestry Gallery and the Gallery of Maps ending up at the absolute highlight of the Vatican: the Sistine Chapel. After the Chapel the guide will take you directly inside St Peter’s Basilica.

Departure: 8.30 am
Tour price: € 80,00 per person
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