Catacombs Private Tour

Catacombs Private Tour

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Catacombs Private Tour

Air conditioned private transportation.

After visiting Michelangelo’s Moses, the chains of Saint Peter and the Gladiator’s school, by private minibus you will reach the Catacombs on the ancient Appian Way, a total of 150 km of underground cemeteries used by early Christians during the roman persecutions. The chambers carved in vulcanic stone are outside the city walls, because burials withing the limits were forbidden by Roman Law. Excavations began in the 16th century and the works continued throughout the centuries finding more catcombs near Rome. Professional archaeologists of the Pontifical Academy of Archaeology are working on the maintenance, supervision and restoration of the remains. After the uderground tour you will visit the vast tracks of the Circus Maximus/Hippodrome and the Emperor’s palaces on the Palatine Hill. Continuing visiting the famous “Mouth of truth” and admiring the temples of Hercules and Portunus on the Tiber banks. Discovering the most recent excavation site in the city with the Portico d’Ottavia, Theatre of Marcellus and the old medieval Jewish Ghetto. End of your tour at the exactly place of Julius Caesar’s assassination on the Ides of March 44 B.C., near the Pantheon.

Your guide will be delighted to pass-on good suggestions on restaurants, wine-bars and other useful information.



At your hotel or other agreed spot in Rome.


EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. Roundly from 02:00 pm to 03:00 pm. Rout on foot.

Shorts and sleeveless outfits NOT PERMITTED.

Rates per person

Including transportation, entrance fee, tour guide service, insurance and tax.

€ 150,00