Ponza Island Tour

Ponza Island Tour ponza island tour Ponza Island Tour Ponza Island TourThe points, overhangs, cliff, buttresses, coves and seabed … discovering the wonderfull island with us!!!
Leaving the Port, which was restored on the Roman ruins in 1772 and completed in 1793, you will be to the Pilate’s Caves, the man who tried Jesus for heresy and who gave the name to the island.  Straight afterwards you will see the Madonna’s Rocks and the Guard’s lighthouse, the southernmost tip of the island, where enjoying the amazing view of the archipelago.
A bit further you will discover the iconic Chiaia di Luna, a small beach protected from the winds thanks to a tuff wall that is very tall, where, in the past, there was a Greek port… then  White Cape’ s beach, with its famous tunnel, excavated in Roman times.
Take a relax moment tasting the local cuisine in a typical restaurant, then the tour continues towards the little patches of sand between suggestive Caves and Bays, that can only to be reached by boat.
Cala Feola, the bay with its natural swimming pools;  passing by Gavi’s island you can take a view of the most beautiful place of the island… the Arco Naturale: the tradition says that if you pass under it you have to make a wish and it will come true…try to do it!!! Keep going towards  Cala d’Inferno, where there is a beautiful beach with a rock having the shape of a heart…Going back to the port admiring so many other suggestive places…
Returning swiftly to Rome… remembering the unforgettable day!!!