Vatican Guided Tours

You will have the opportunity to skip the line thanks to our privileged entrance, avoiding hours of waiting in line, up to 3 hours in high season, to even start your experience in the Vatican. Our graduated official tours guides are professional with a long experience and a strong passion for their job, able to entertain and make each visit unique and unforgettable, suitable for all kinds of visitors and group sizes who want to discover the wonders of the Vatican Museums in the most comfortable way.

Official Tour of the Vatican City – Skip the line!

Vatican Guided Tour is the officially licensed tour operator agency of the Vatican State and Museum visitation. We offer Guided Tours and Sightseeing of the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Gardens and the famous Vatican Grottoes Necropolis. We also organize the possibility to have a Papal Audience, a unique experience of participating in the Pope’s Mass.

Over the last 20 years, we have carefully created and improved our services in order to provide you with the best possible offer that represents the real spirit of the Vatican, and also give to you an unforgettable day in one of the most fascinating and most visited places in the world, The Vatican State!
We offer diverse tours and packages to visit the Vatican State and its attractions, as well as tours in Rome itself. You can visit them in a Group, Private, or Exclusive fashion with our English, Spanish, German and Italian speaking licensed guides.

We also organize Customized Experiences and Agency Group deals. You can also arrange special tours tailored and with full personalization to cater to your wishes and build your ideal itinerary in Rome and the Vatican. Please feel free to explore our website and book online, you can also send us reservations and inquiries.  Welcome to the Vatican!


Vatican Museum Group Tours

Vatican Gardens

Vatican Gardens guided tour in English: wander the gardens of the Vatican City where nature splendor meets sacred history. Skip lines and book online now!

  • Roman Catacombs

Catacombs Group Tour

Skip the line and discover the burried misteries from old Christian cemeteries and excavation sites during the Catacombs Group Tour. Book online now!

Papal Audience and Vatican Group Tour

Papal Audience and Vatican Group Tour: receive blessings from the Pope and visit museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica with VATICAN GUIDED TOUR.

Want us to tailor your next experience in Rome?

We offer special agency deals, and personalized itineraries for tourists

Vatican Museum Private Tours

Vatican Museum Private Tour

Vatican Museum Private Tour: privileged entrance to Vatican City’s most famous museums and spectacular art displays. Skip the line and book online now!

Vatican Museum Exclusive Tours

Sistine Chapel Tour

Sistine Chapel Tour: experience an exclusive guided tour in the language of your choice. Book now and skip lines to marvel at masterpieces of art and faith.