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Castel Sant’Angelo Rome Information to Visit the Tomb of Hadrian Official Guided Tours (Mausoleum of Hadrian)


Castel Sant’Angelo Rome Information to Visit the Tomb of Hadrian (Mausoleum of Hadrian) Rome Castel Sant’Angelo Official Private Tours,  Skip the Line, Customized Guided Tours and Itineraries planned to visit the best of Rome

Castel Sant’Angelo (Mausoleum of Hadrian) imposingly faces the II A.d. century Ponte Sant’Angelo (Ponte Sant’Angelo) flanked by statues of angels designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Two of the angels, the originals sculpted Bernini, are now exhibited in Sant’Andrea Delle Fratte near Piazza di Spagna. This mighty monument was built by Hadrian in 139 AD as a burial place for himself and his family (Gli Antonini) but has undergone many changes, including the addition of the square wall with bastions at each corner named after the four evangelists. It was later used as a fortress for the Popes and a prison; it went through history and underwent multiple manipulations, especially in the 16th century. Some of the Borgia victims found their end here. Here, the popes took refuge from the anti-papal forces escaping by a passage called the “Passetto,” which still connects it to the Vatican and, more precisely, to the apartments of the Holy Father. Castel Sant’Angelo has been used as a prison for a long time, and the famous Benvenuto Cellini, goldsmith, sculptor, and writer, spent some time as a prisoner. The castel is also renowned as it is where the last act of the opera of Puccini’s Tosca takes place. Nowadays the Castel besides being one of the best-preserved monuments of antiquity is a museum containing relics, works of art of immense value like frescoes by Perin Del Vaga, decorations by Michelangelo, and architectural alterations by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.


Inside the Castel is displayed a permanent exhibition of ancient weapons, and it is possible to visit a very well preserved prison and a 400-year-old papal bath with a bathtub. The Ponte Sant’Angelo (originally Pons Aelius) is the most beautiful in Rome; Bernini designs the angels that adorn it. The moat that was initially flooded by the Tiber’s waters is now a grassy garden, a small park suitable for a walk and enjoying a moment of tranquility.


From the various terraces of the Mausoleum, you can admire fantastic 360-degree views over Rome. A stay in Rome cannot be considered complete if you do not visit this outstanding monument. Its incredible beauty, the works of art exhibited here, the two thousand years of history, and the most beautiful and complete views you can admire from its balconies makes it the city’s most exciting monument of the city of Rome.
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