Papal Audience + Exclusive Visit to the Vatican and Sistine Chapel

Starting with one of the most popular events at the Vatican, this tour will offer you the chance to see the Pope and avoid all the crowds in an exclusive visit to the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. With an early bird meeting, the first stop is St. Peter’s Square or inside the Hall of Pope Paul VI (just when raining or on very cold days), where the Papal Audience will start around 9 am.

After that, you’ll be guided to the Vatican Museums. With an experienced guide, you’ll have access to a famous gallery of masterpieces, with works by da Vinci, Bellini, Titian, Raphael’s rooms and much more.

The Sistine Chapel and its extraordinary ceiling also will be waiting for you, where you can contemplate Michelangelo’s work and all the grandeur of the Chapel’s interior.

Tour’s highlights: Papal Audience
Chandelier Gallery
Tapestry Gallery
Belvedere courtyard
Visit the Hall of the Muses
See the statue of Hercules
Experience Constantine’s sarcophagus
Discover the Vatican Map Gallery overlooking the Vatican Gardens
Be in Raphael’s rooms
Michelangelo’s “Last Judgment” in the Sistine Chapel ***Observation: all tours are suitable for kids. Disabled crowd has coverage and easy access.

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Via dei Gracchi, 17, Roma