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Papal Audiences - A unique experience of the Holy See including a guided tour of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

Papal Audience and Vatican Museums Tour

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Papal Audience | A unique experience of the Holy See, including a guided tour of the Vatican Museums and the […]
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Papal Audience: Here’s how to book and Participate!

Information about the General or Private Audience with the Pope at the Vatican!!

Papal Audience - Vatican City - St. Peter's Square

Do you want to know how to participate in the papal Audience? Here is all the useful information to book and join in the Pope’s General Audience. Following the current emergency, some businesses may have changed their opening methods, so we advise you always to call us or visit our website to confirm. For many faithful, the Papal Audience is a very emotional moment, and it is not a religious ceremony, but a live meeting with the Pontiff in which they can listen to his words and receive his apostolic blessing. Papal Audiences can be general and private. As for the General Papal Audience, it takes place in St. Peter’s Square or in the Paul IV Audience Hall, also called Sala Nervi. The Papal Audience takes place every Wednesday, it begins at 10.30 in the morning, and the duration of the Audience is about an hour and a half in which the Pope (sometimes) on board the “mobile pope” crosses St. Peter’s Square. Initially, it welcomes all the faithful in different languages ​​depending on the groups present. During the summer, the Pope moves to the summer residence, the general audiences couldn’t take place.

Although the Audience is free, to ensure participation, it is necessary to book tickets, and this happens for needs related to the organization and safety of those present. Another aspect to keep in mind if you want to participate at the Papal Audience in Rome is that relating to clothing, which must respect a certain decorum in order not to risk being excluded from the event.

Therefore, to take part in the Papal Audiences, clothing must cover the shoulders and if you decide to wear skirts or shorts, these must not exceed the knee.

Our advice is to book tickets well in advance or book a guided tour of the Vatican museums, which includes the Audience booking service, considering a large number of faithful who request it every week.

Once you arrive at the entrance to St. Peter’s Square or in the Paul VI Hall, the usual security checks will take place. They take up a lot of time, so we suggest arriving well in advance, especially if the Audience is held in the Sala Nervi and you want to access the places closest to the Pope.

Disabled people, the elderly, and newlyweds will have a reserved place in a specific area a short distance from the Holy Father.

When the Papal Audience is held in St. Peter’s Square, the security check is carried out at the arcades on both sides of St. Peter’s Square; instead, if the papal Audience is held in the Paul VI room (about 6,000 seats), we suggest arriving two and a half hours before the starting time, to secure a place.

DURATION OF PAPAL AUDIENCE The papal Audience lasts about an hour and a half.

HOW TO BOOK A PAPAL AUDIENCE To participate in one of the papal audiences, here are all the steps you will need to take. To book the tickets for the Audience, you have to contact the Prefecture of the Papal Household or contact an official travel agency, tour operator.

If you need more information about the Papal Audience, you can contact us by sending an email

How to request a Private Audience?

Many faithful admire the figure of the Pope and would like to have the opportunity to speak to him more discreetly. If you desire to obtain a private audience with the Pope, here you will receive all the tips on how to do it. As for the General Audience, it is necessary to submit a request to receive the ticket. The procedure remains the same: write to the Prefecture of the Papal Household or contact an official agency. The only thing you will have to keep in mind is that in this case, the waiting list can be much longer, so some time will pass between the request and the setting of the date on which you will be able to access a Private Papal Audience. The duration is about an hour and a half, and the precautions of the regular hearings remain valid for what concerns clothing that must be appropriate.

To meet the Pope privately, you need to arm yourself with patience; the timing can expand a lot due to the great demand.

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