Angels and demons

Follow the clues and solve the enigmas scattered throughout the Eternal City by Bernini and Galileo that, once solved, would lead Illuminati to their hidden lair. The key clues to decode and follow the Path of the Illumination are to be found at the “Four Altars of Science”, connected to elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The mystery begins at the northern Gates of Rome, Porta del Popolo. The adventure goes on inside the Vatican state and continues leading you to the Pantheon, Navona Square, the Four Rivers Fountain and many more emblematic venues. You will be guided on a unique experience during which you will visit the most beautiful piazzas in Rome, places where pagan symbolism and Christianity intermix to reveal a disturbing ancient truth.

239 per person


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Four Altars of Science
Piazza del Popolo
St. Peter’s Square
Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria
Pantheon Temple
And many more

2 persons: €239
3 persons: €175
4 persons: €169
5 persons: €139
6 persons: €119
7 persons: €105

Meeting point can be at your hotel or any other previously agreed spot in Rome. Tours are held at a pre-arranged time.