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Vatican FAQ – Visitors Useful Information – How to visit the Vatican City and Vatican Museum | Reservation Tours and Tickets

Skip the line tickets

When you book with us, you gain priority entrance to the attractions.

Vatican FAQ – Visitors Useful Information

What does the Vatican charge visitors?

On top of the standard ticket price, the Vatican charges a surcharge of €4 per ticket. This additional cost is for the reserved entrance into Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. The wait will still be shorter than the regular entrance line which can sometimes have waiting periods of up to 2 to 3 hours.

Vatican Museum – Entry Fees?

Adults are charged €21
Students and children are charged €8
At the time of booking, the ticket price well sure €17 euros for adults and €8 for children. The surcharge is not printed on the ticket.

What are the current ticket prices for the Colosseum?

Even if you have a priority entrance, the Colosseum only allows a certain number of visitors at any given time. So, there might be a delay to enter the Colosseum.
Current ticket prices for the Colosseum and the Roman Forum combined are priced at €18 per person (standard entrance); there is no discount available for students or children.
If we have booked a tour at the Vatican, do we still have to wait in line?

The only lines that you will encounter are at the security checkpoint. As you would have been booked into the priority entrance for the Vatican museums and St Peter’s Basilica, the entrance will be pretty straightforward. Do note that both The Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica have security checkpoints so, a slight delay is expected. Your tour leader will take care of the tickets so that you can enter The Sistine Chapel and St Peter’ Basilica with ease. The Basilica is open most days except when there are celebrations and masses held where no visitors are allowed into the Basilica and this is something we, as a company, hold no responsibility for as this is beyond our control.

How are the tour fees paid?

o Full payment which includes the tour cost and entrance fees

Our company does not charge Commission on entrance fees so you will be paying the exact amount for the Vatican or any other attraction. 

Payments are only accepted in euros.

Are student discounts available?

At the Vatican:
You need to be under the age of 26 to be eligible for this discount. At the time of the tour, you will need to produce a valid student ID all your international student ID. Your student ID must have your photo with your birth date clearly visible. If either is missing, please bring along your passport or driving license. If you are under the age of 16 and do not carry a driver’s license, if you’re accompanied by a parent or adult, your passport is acceptable.
The rules are very strict and if you do not carry a valid student ID, you are required to purchase a full-price ticket according to the rules of the Vatican.

What proof do children need to show their age?

In most cases, a passport is sufficient. Photocopies are permitted. A full-priced ticket may be required to be purchased if there is insufficient documentation to prove age.

Booking confirmation and E-tickets

An email ticket will be sent out to you to the email address selected as soon as your payment has been processed. There will be meeting point Maps and all other essential information required for the tour. Please check your spam or junk folder as there will be attachments such as the map other vital information. It normally takes about 5 minutes for the email to come through. You don’t have to print your E-ticket, but we recommend that you do. When you meet your tour guide at the meeting point, all you have to show is your E-ticket number as they have the rest of your details. We will manually send you the ticket information if you have still not received any ticket within 6 hours of booking. If you’re looking for the same-day tour and you require a confirmation, we can manually send information to you.

Can the tour itineraries change?

Events are celebrated at St Peter’s Basilica at very short notice. This means that as well-planned as our itineraries are, at times, it is beyond our control of sudden plan changes which the Vatican makes.

In a semi-private tour, is the Basilica included?

Yes, it is, but it will be a brief one. Your guide will share with you valuable information about the master artists such as Michelangelo and Bernini and share interesting stories about their artwork. You will also find out more about the Papal Palace, The Swiss Guards, and Saint Peter’s Square. That tour ends here, and you’re welcome to explore the Basilica on your own. You can decide to visit the many tombs of past popes below the Basilica or climb up to the Dome of the Basilica to have a look at the magnificent architecture. The choice is yours.

I have heard there’s a dress code in the Vatican, is it true?

The Vatican is a religious site. Strict dress codes apply for both sexes. No bare knees, shoulders, or stomachs are allowed. Summers can be hot, but make sure if you wear shorts, dresses or skirts fall below the kneecaps. The Vatican guards can refuse your entry, so please adhere to the guidelines.

Are headsets obligatory in some areas of the Vatican?

Yes. There will be no extra charge included wear headsets are compulsory. For a more enjoyable experience, quality sound systems are utilized. That tour company incurs the cost of headsets, and as such we ask our clients to be respectful of the devices which are handed out to them. At the end of the tour, if we have not received your headsets back, you will be sent a bill.

Where is the guide meeting place?

All that information, including the map showing you exactly where to meet your guide along with the directions and time, will be sent to you via your email booking confirmation.

Can we just rock up for a tour without booking?

No. All our tours have to be booked in advance as we organize the priority entrance tickets and also ensure that we keep the group small for a maximum personalized experience.

Are the attractions in the Vatican suitable for disabled visitors?

There is limited wheelchair access to some sites, and more sites are walking to us. We may be able to accommodate you by creating a special private tour for you and your loved ones. Please contact us to help you arrange that.

What items are banned from the Vatican?

o Knives
o Weapons
o Firearms
o Large backpacks
o Tripods
o Large umbrellas

If you’re caught with any of these items, you will have to have them put away, and that is a process that may see you missing part of your tour.

How safe is Rome?

Rome is safe, except for their notorious pickpockets. Take extra care of your belongings. Just be aware of your surroundings at all times.

What is your cancellation policy?

Semi-private tours – Cancel within 48-hours, and it is free cancellation.
Private tours – Some tours do not offer a 48-hour cancellation. So, refer to each tour booking cancellation policy.

What are some important contact numbers in Rome?

Vatican FAQ - Visitors Useful Information

Our Company: Located in the e-mail confirmation sent to you in case you need to contact us (Meeting place, cancellation, other inquiries)

Taxi: 06 3570

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