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The Vatican
The Vatican

Valuable Information About The Vatican Museum

Vatican – Dress Code | Food and Drinks| Family| Photography| Wi-Fi | Security

To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Vatican City, we have prepared some valuable information. Kindly take a few minutes to go through it – it allows you quick entry, and unnecessary hold-up at the security checkpoint and answers your most frequently asked questions.

Dress Code

You will need to be appropriately dressed. Hats, shots, sleeveless look clothing, and miniskirts are not permitted. You may be denied entry to the Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter’s Basilica, The Vatican Museums, and the Vatican Gardens if your dressing is inappropriate.


There are cloakrooms available in the exhibition spaces. You are required to leave all your luggage in the cloakrooms, and that includes rucksacks, containers, packages, and suitcases. It is also at the discretion of the staff that they may require you to leave other belongings due to the nature or size of the object. If you are moving on from the Vatican Museums to the Basilica, you are required to pick up your things from the cloakroom and they will then need to be placed in the cloakroom in the Basilica. The cloakroom is free of charge for all visitors.

Banned Items:

  • Knives
  • Weapons
  • Firearms/ Hazardous materials

Items that must be stored in the cloakroom:

  • Scissors
  • Laser Pointers
  • Umbrellas
  • Video Cameras
  • Tripods
  • Photography equipment
  • Selfie sticks

Loss of personal belongings

If there is a loss of personal belongings, please report them to the nearest security checkpoint. If you discover your item missing after you have left, please email the Vatican Museum. If we have found an item and it has not been claimed by the owner by the end of the day, it will be placed at Vatican Gendarmery. The Vatican museums cannot be held responsible for the loss of the personal belongings of visitors.

Rest areas

As there is much to see, there are relaxation spots for visitors such as the below:

  • Courtyard of the Pinacoteca
  • Square gardens
  • Courtyard of the Cuirasses
  • Courtyard of the Pine Cone


Pets, big or small and not permitted in all areas of the museum.

Guide dogs At the Vatican Museum

Guide Dogs are permitted for visitors who are partially sighted or blind. The dogs must have a lead and be muzzled. Kindly carry a certificate to show to security. Do let us know when you book.


Flash photography is strictly forbidden as the artworks in the museum, and the Sistine Chapel are very precious. You are not allowed to take photos in the Sistine Chapel, nor are you granted any video recordings. You may be approached by staff if caught recording and asked to remove the footage. You are not allowed to bring in any professional photography equipment including stands and tripods into the museum. If you still require taking photos, all inquiries are to be directed to the Directorate of the Museum and Cultural Heritage. Selfie sticks are strictly forbidden.

Silence in the Sistine Chapel

Visitors are requested to remain silent in the Sistine Chapel to respect the sanctity after location. We will provide you with headsets so that you are able to enjoy the historical information before you enter the Sistine Chapel you may also be provided with touch screens so that you can admire the works in silence. Dotted along the museum are our information outlets with rich information about the Chapel and also of the Vatican museum.

Drawings/ Artwork/Painting

If you wish to draw a particular piece of art or pieces of artwork, they can only be drawn by pencil, and only if permission is given by the Directorate of the Museum and Cultural Heritage.

Official Map of The Vatican Museum

Make sure you have a copy of the official map which can be downloaded online or can be obtained from the ticket office. This is useful if you are personalizing your tour.

Garbage Disposal

For safety reasons, garbage disposal bins are located in the courtyards, refreshment areas, restrooms, and the main entrance. Please do not litter inside the Vatican museums.


If you wish to donate, you can ask about the information kit on ‘Peter Pence’ which contains a Postal payment slip Anne also the charitable work the Pope favors and his commitment to helping those in most need.

Eating and Drinking in the Vatican Museum

You are not permitted to bring any alcoholic beverage, and it must be left in the cloakroom. The exhibition halls do not allow food or drink, so it is best to leave it all in the cloakroom. Food and beverage left in the cloakroom are disposed of. If you do feel a little puckish, there are refreshment areas, vending machines, a self-service cafeteria, and pizza services available.

Traveling with children

The Vatican museum invites families and children to enjoy the wonderful galleries. Strollers are allowed in the exhibition halls. Our friendly guides will direct you to the most accessible routes so that visitors can enjoy the museum with ease. There is also a nursing room and baby changing facilities. Some cafes and restaurants have high chairs for the little visitors. We look forward to hosting families with children.

Do not touch artworks

Artworks and not to be touched. There are advanced alarm and video surveillance systems throughout the museum space. The only exception is for partially sighted and blind visitors who take part in multi-sensory and tactile visits. Also, if you are planning a visit to the Vatican museum with the sole purpose of seeing major artworks, please make sure you check the website to confirm that the artwork is not temporarily on loan elsewhere.

Mobile Phone/ WI- FI Usage

Mobile phones are banned in the Sistine Chapel. As for the Vatican museum, visitors are required to activate the silent function so that the best possible experience can be attained by all visitors. There’s no Wi-Fi coverage for security purposes


Microphones are not permitted in the Vatican museum. If there are more than 11 participants in a guided tour, then it is an obligation to hire the internal radio headset system. Radio systems from outside are not permitted.

Cooling in the Vatican Museum

For the museum to protect its at work and end architecture, there are severe restrictions for air conditioning, especially in the summer months due to heavy visitor traffic.

Smoking in the Vatican Museum and the Octagonal Court

Smoking is prohibited in the Vatican Museum or the Octagonal Court. This also includes electronic cigarettes.

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