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Vatican Museum Private Tour

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  • Vatican Musuems
  • St Peter’s Basilica
  • Hall Of Muses
  • Round Hall
  • Greek Cross Hall
  • Candelabra Gallery | Gallery of Tapestries| Gallery of Maps
  • Sobieski Hall
  • Room of the Immaculate Conception
  • Raphael’s Rooms


Vatican Museum Private Tours

When you book Vatican museum private tours, your private guide will take you to the most interesting areas of the Vatican museums and Saint Peter’s Basilica. The itinerary includes the following:
Cortile della Pigna
Bronze pinecone from the Roman Age, dated 1st Century AD is located in the courtyard guarded by two peacocks. It is believed this bronze piece comes from Hadrian’s tomb. Emperor Hadrian is renowned for his building projects in the Roman Empire
Cortile del Belvedere
Here you will see many Sculptures from the Roman and Greek..
Hall of the Muses
Admire the “Torso del Belvedere” which is a marble statue, not in its entirety, but shows a nude male. Legend has it that Michelangelo was asked to complete the fragmented statue, but he had declined as it was just such a beauty on its own!
Round Hall
Here, you will see the golden statues of Adriano and Hercules. You will also see the bath of Nero which was created in 64CE. Made of porphyry marble, this is a beauty.
Greek Cross Hall
Here you will see the porphyry sarcophagi of the family of Emperor Constantine the Great – his mother and daughter.
Candelabra Gallery | Gallery of Tapestries| Gallery of Maps
These are three galleries are a must-see and are part of the tour! Be amazed at Roman, Renaissance period of artwork and skill.
Sobieski Hall
Named after the Polish King – Sobieski III. There is a giant painting depicting his victory against the Turks in 1683 in the Battle of Vienna.
Room of the Immaculate Conception
Francis Podesti was entrusted with planning and exaction of decorating this room. From inlaid marble work to mosaic, from scenes of the virtues of the Virgin to Coronation of the Image of Mary, this room is magical.

Raphael Rooms
Raphael and his assistants have transformed four rooms into works of exquisite art, and you will be enamoured with the works on display such as Cardinal Virtues and The Battle of Ostia.

Our Private Guides

If a 3-hour tour has been selected, the tour ends inside the Sistine Chapel. If a full hour tour has been selected, your private guide will take you to St Peter’s Basilica.
Every tour led by our company is led by a licensed professional guide who has been licensed by the city of Rome. Our guides are native speakers and many of our guides speak other languages as well. If you request a language other than Italian or English, please contact us as we will be able to provide you with a guide of your choice who speaks your language.
Your private guide will take you to parts of the Vatican museums and Saint Peter’s Basilica as per the itinerary. However, you are most welcome to suggest areas of your interest in the allocated to a time. If you prefer to spend more time in a particular area or either the Vatican museums or Saint Peters basilica , we suggest you inform us in advance if possible for the tour guide to create at work to accommodate your request.

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